Tucson Mountain Park trails

Tucson Mountain Park trails

there are no fees to enter and enjoy the trails in this park…if your ever in the Tucson, AZ area don’t miss it!

Wildlife in Tucson Mountain Park

The Natural Resources Division of NRPR has been engaged in a bio reconnaissance of Tucson Mountain Park with the University of Arizona for the past several years. The project was primarily designed to confirm use of the park by mountain lions and collect DNA samples, document use of biological corridors around Starr Pass Resort by resident wildlife and local use patterns by wildlife in the park. Mountain lions were selected as the primary target species because the presence of large carnivores is often a key indicator of the continued ecological integrity of an area. Observations of other wildlife have also been documented. The wildlife cam photos file contains a few images of wildlife captured during the study. We can now show images of mountain lions utilizing remote areas of the park and the healthy population of bobcats found in and around the park.

Source: http://webcms.pima.gov/

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