Tucson mountain desert trails 2019

Tucson Mountain Park is an enormous area within the Saguaro National Park West that contains trails that will put a smile on absolutely everyone’s face. Whether you are looking to test your mountain biking wheels, take the kids for a ride, or do some serious lung-busting climbing and gnarly descents, Tucson Mountain Park has it all. There are plenty of campgrounds and picnic areas that provide restrooms and water, and you can also visit two of Tucson’s largest attractions: Old Tucson Studios (famous for many western movies) and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. There are many parking pullouts, most of which are within very close proximity to trails, or are trailheads themselves.

Generally speaking, Tucson Mountain Park’s trails are grouped very well into fairly definitive skill levels. As with many trails in Tucson, Tucson Mountain Park has it’s share of social trails, and most trails are not marked. That being said, it is very difficult to get lost in TMP… just remember the general area where you parked, and go!

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