happy Thursday from Paradise

happy Thursday from Paradise more random pics from the backyard in early fall Paradise, CA all the plants and animals enjoying a weel deserved break in the weather with some rain and cooler temperatures  

Backyard Wildflowers in Paradise

Backyard Wildflowers in Paradise I finally got a new (old) camera to replace my Canon T3i that i had used for 4 years, and all the photographs to this point were taken with that camera. I was amazed to find out that during that time i had snapped 33,490 pictures with it…it was and still …

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stoneyfire – Upper Bidwell

stoneyfire – Upper Bidwell #stoneyfire Sad day today…early morning tweets from CalFire about a fire in Upper Bidwell park….(friday the 13th for sure) I spend a lot of time in this park each week running and mountain biking….sometimes daily and I am devastated that this happened to this “beautiful” place… it’s currently being controlled around …

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