happy Thursday from Paradise

happy Thursday from Paradise more random pics from the backyard in early fall Paradise, CA all the plants and animals enjoying a weel deserved break in the weather with some rain and cooler temperatures  

Yosemite – “girls just want to have fun”

  Yosemite – “girls just want to have fun” Those were the days…   History behind iconic photo: Kitty Tatch and Katherine Hazelston, waitresses at Yosemite National Park hotels, dance on Overhanging Rock at Glacier Point in 1900. These pictures were later made into postcards, autographed and sold for years. George Fiske

stoneyfire – Upper Bidwell

stoneyfire – Upper Bidwell #stoneyfire Sad day today…early morning tweets from CalFire about a fire in Upper Bidwell park….(friday the 13th for sure) I spend a lot of time in this park each week running and mountain biking….sometimes daily and I am devastated that this happened to this “beautiful” place… it’s currently being controlled around …

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