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Yes, there are many benefits of tanning! Click here to find out the latest research on tanning, sunscreen, and how to safely live in a world full of sunlight!
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in 13 major cities.


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I RUN FAR T-shirt arrived


Thank you! Bryon and Meghan for all you do 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

run for your life

run for your life

it’s now a scientific fact that running is good for you!

“run for your life” … always


Rancho San Clemente – trail view 2

Rancho San Clemente – trail view 2

This was taken during my morning run on the Rancho San Clemente trail…there is a lot of smoke from a nearby wildfires that started at Camp Pendelton on the other side of the ridge. Unfortunately wildfires are now a fact of life in CA… Everyday I thankful for the men and women fighting these fires daily #CalFire



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