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Trestles train

Trestles train

Trestles Beach attracts surfers from all over the world to experience the perfect wave. Trestles are named after the railroad bridge over San Mateo Creek near the entrance to the beach. The 3Ā½-mile-long beach consists of five separate surf breaks: Cotton, Uppers, Middles, Lowers, and Church

To get to Trestles, you will have to walk about a mile from the parking lot down a winding paved trail. The path and the beach are posted no dogs so you will have to leave your four-legged friend home on this trek.

Trestles still is a secluded surfing spot, but a little bit of Southern California surfing history was lost with the replacement of the wooden bridge. One highlight of the new concrete bridge is the letters TRESTLES built into the new structure.


Royal Terns dancing on the beach

Royal Terns dancing on the beach at Trestles


TheĀ royal ternĀ (Thalasseus maximus) is aĀ ternĀ in the familyĀ Laridae. The genus name is fromĀ Ancient GreekĀ Thalasseus, “fisherman”, fromĀ thalassa, “sea”. The specificĀ maximusĀ isĀ LatinĀ for ‘”greatest”.

This bird has two distinctive subspecies:Ā T. m. maximusĀ which lives on theĀ AtlanticĀ and Pacific coasts of the North and South America, and the slightly smallerĀ T. m. albididorsalisĀ lives on the coast of West Africa. The royal tern has a red-orange bill and a black cap during the breeding season, but in the winter the cap becomes patchy. The royal tern is found in Europe, Africa, the Americas, and the Caribbean islands. The royal tern lives on the coast and is only found near salt water. They tend to feed near the shore, close to the beach or in backwater bays. The royal tern’s conservation status is listed as least concern.


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