Merry Christmas from fhd 2019

it’s been a great year for fhd….

exciting to see what’s ahead in 2020
Merry Christmas from fhd
….here comes 2020….#getoutthere



This little guy does not let blindness stop him…he still runs and plays “redball” several times a day to stay active and healthy. 

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Radar 10 year old “blind” Australian Cattle Dog

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Radar is ready to boogy winter2018

Radar is now completely blind but he does not let that slow him down…and he is still living a very full and rewarding life with a little bit of help from Gwennie (our Border Collie) and his human.

we are preparing to head south for the winter and it’s not to soon for Radar ….bark bark

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Radar – Australian Cattle Dog (blind)

Radar – Australian Cattle Dog (blind)

Radar is one of our two dogs. He is a big part of our family and has been completely blind for over 2 years now. At first it was heart breaking to see him bounce into walls constantly. But it didn’t take him long to learn to navigate, and now can adapt to any situation quite quickly….because he’s got “Radar” 🙂

We still take him on all our adventures and take hime hiking on all trails even technical ones…I sometimes pick him up and carry him if I think its unsafe for him. But he continues to be my best buddy, always with a smile or a bark.

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