Merry Christmas from fhd 2019

it’s been a great year for fhd….

exciting to see what’s ahead in 2020
Merry Christmas from fhd
….here comes 2020….#getoutthere

Big Chico Creek Canyon

Big Chico Creek Canyon

the fall is a very beautiful time at Bidwell too…a lot dryer but still spectacular views to enjoy one your hike, bike or walk.


Big Chico Creek originates near Colby Mountain, located in Tehama County, California. The creek flows 46 miles (74 km) to its confluence with the Sacramento River in Butte County. The creek’s elevation ranges from 120 feet (37 m) above sea level at the Sacramento River to 5,000 feet (1,500 m) near Colby Mountain, as shown on the Ord Ferry USGS quadrangle.

A portion of Big Chico Creek flows through the city of Chico’s Bidwell Park and California State University, Chico.

the road less traveled

Upper Park road – Bidwell Park, Chico, CA

this road goes thru such a metamorphosis thru the seasons…lush green in the spring and dry as a bone in the fall waiting for the winter rains to return.

You can always visit this park for FREE and if you can try to do it during the week so you will encounter less people.

You can run, bike or hike this area but be sure you have plenty of water, and watch out for rattle snakes and mountain lions 🙂

thankyou – calfire

Big Chico Creek Canyon – Upper Bidwell Park

took a mtb ride up Big Chico canyon yesterday and found this red stripe of fire retardent that CalFire aircraft had dropped to stop the #32 fire in this fairly remote area.

map of mtb trails: