Merry Christmas from fhd 2019

it’s been a great year for fhd….

exciting to see what’s ahead in 2020
Merry Christmas from fhd
….here comes 2020….#getoutthere

Northern California backyard Wildflowers

Northern California backyard Wildflowers have been beautiful this year

I had a nice wildflower garden in Paradise…but that is history. So I have tried to bring back that look and succeeded beyond my expectations. 

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If you would like to try a wildflower garden too


Check out our gallery if you have not seen it…

smelling like a Rose

smelling like a Rose

We moved to Paradise 3 years ago this fall and were lucky enough to have a backyard full of roses. These beauties and colors greet us every morning with a different arrangement. Always remember to stop and smell the roses, they are a constant reminder how rushed life is nowadays. 

So I will periodically update you with our current blooms…this year has really been spectacular, and I can not even try and describe their scent.

Just now from the backyard….in Paradise

Backyard Wildflowers in Paradise

Backyard Wildflowers in Paradise

I finally got a new (old) camera to replace my Canon T3i that i had used for 4 years, and all the photographs to this point were taken with that camera. I was amazed to find out that during that time i had snapped 33,490 pictures with it…it was and still is a great camera.

But the first few pictures I took with the Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm 1:1.8 blew me away…I had no idea…and this pic is one of those taken and zero filters of manipulation was done to it.

I look forward to using this camera and bringing you new “images of life” for many years to come. Now to hunt for an affordable multipurpose lens. 

Thanks for stopping by and please look around and share…lot’s of new pics coming soon.

Stay tuned… 🙂



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Snowdrops in Paradise

Snowdrops in Paradise

spring is coming 🙂

The lovely snowdrop is one of the first flowers to appear in the spring as it works its way through the snow to bloom. These tiny flowers grow 3- to 4-inches tall and make an excellent ground cover in the garden. They can also be grown in pots or containers and can even be forced into bloom during the winter from bulbs.

What Does the Snowdrop Flower Mean?

The snowdrop flower has several meanings depending on the context. The most common meanings are:

  • Purity
  • Hope
  • Rebirth
  • Consolation or Sympathy

Etymological Meaning of the Snowdrop Flower

Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis)  earned their name from the combination of two Greek and Latin words.  Galanthus, from the ancient Greek means milk white flower, while the Latin word nivalis means resembling snow. Carl Linnaeus classified the flower in 1753.

Symbolism of the Snowdrop Flower

The snowdrop flower has enjoyed a rich and varied history that includes several legends about how the flower came to be.

  • Garden of Eden: According to legend, Eve was distraught after God cast her out of the Garden of Eden. God sent forth continuous snow and the earth was cold and barren. As Eve sat weeping, an angel appeared to comfort her. The angel caught a snowflake and breathed upon it. The snowflake fluttered to the earth and gave birth to the snowdrop. This delicate bloom came to symbolize hope and rebirth.
  • German Legend: When God created snow, he gave it the task of visiting the flowers of the earth to gather colors. All the flowers refused, until the snow visited the gentle snowdrop. Seeing that the snowdrop was a kind and generous soul, the snow decided to make a deal. In exchange for her color, the snow agreed to allow the snowdrop to bloom first every spring. The delicate snowdrop agreed and cheerfully blooms amid the snow each spring.
  • Moldovan Legend: According to Moldovan legend, a fight between the Winter Witch and Lady Spring gave birth to the snowdrop. One year, the Winter Witch decided that she would not give up her reign of the earth when Lady Spring arrived. During the ensuing battle, Lady Spring pricked her finger and a drop of her blood fell to the earth. The blood drop melted the snow and up sprung a tiny snowdrop, a sign that Lady Spring had won the battle with the Winter Witch.
  • Romanian Legend: According to this legend, each year the sun took on the form of a young girl as it returned to warm the land in the spring. One year, Winter refused to let go of his stronghold on the earth and took the young girl hostage. A Hero soon appeared to rescue his love from the grips of winter. A battle ensued, and the girl was set free, but not before Hero was wounded. As the sun began to rise into the sky, Hero fell to the ground and drops of his blood stained the earth. Tiny snowdrops burst forth in celebration of the return of spring. Romanians continue to honor the snowdrop as a symbol of the return of spring.
  • Victorian Customs: Not all cultures view the snowdrop as a symbol of hope and rebirth. For the Victorians, the snowdrop represented death and  even considered it bad luck to bring snowdrops inside the home. The sight of a single snowdrop bloom was considered an omen of death.
  • United States: The snowdrop shares its symbolism with the carnation, as they are both the birth flower for the month of January.