Kayaking on Paradise Lake

Kayaking on Paradise Lake

Paradise Lake is one of two reservoirs which stores water for Paradise, CA.

It is a source of public water supply; therefore, it is strictly regulated. It covers an area of 244 acres and is surrounded by beautiful wooded land and has a shoreline of 7.5 miles. Its’ function is to store raw water for our community of Paradise. It holds approximately 11,500 acre feet of water. It is our only reservoir that allows fishing and recreation. Magalia Reservoir is located on Little Butte Creek downstream from Paradise Lake and does not allow fishing or recreation. Paradise Dam separates the two reservoirs.

Boating regulations:

Only approved row boats, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, & inflatable boats are allowed. Electric trolling motors are allowed. No motor boats, rafts, inner tubes, paddle boards, float tubes, inflatable devices other than as herein approved, or floating devices of any kind may be used. Inflatable boats shall have at least two (2) perimeter air chambers, excluding the floor and weight carried shall conform to the manufacturer’s recommendation, which shall be permanently and legibly displayed on the craft in a visible location. Personal Pontoon boats are permitted with the following conditions: No fins allowed within thirty (30) feet of the shoreline. Sealed waders in good condition shall be worn at all times (NO BODY CONTACT) (NO DOGS).

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