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Black Butte is a long ridge composed of dark, chunky basalt, similar to the Lovejoy basalt. This rock formation is found along Big Chico Creek in Bidwell Park near Chico, or North Table Mountain, near Oroville. Similar rock also composes the Table Rocks along the Rogue River, in Oregon. On Black Butte, the rock forms a dramatic band of cliffs that wrap around the southern and eastern sides of the butte. On the west and north side, the rock protrudes from the grassy slopes. In contrast to the black rock are the gentle slopes beneath the cliffs and the blue waters of Black Butte Lake. Black Butte is the northernmost of the Orland Buttes. Although the basalt cliffs are striking, the mountain is not particularly high. Nonetheless, its lower elevation is offset by the flatness of the surrounding terrain, imbuing the small peak with more drama than its slight elevation would indicate.

Black Butte (Orland Buttes) : : Climbing, hiking, mountaineering

Source: Black Butte (Orland Buttes) : Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering : SummitPost

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