Billy Yang Podcast: Anton Krupicka | BYP 001

First episode! Pleased to announce the Billy Yang Podcast and bring on ultrarunner and mountain athlete, Anton Krupicka out of Boulder, CO. We have an in-depth conversation on: >How running injuries have opened up other sports and activities >Racing with Kilian Jornet >Where he is with running >The “bromance” with Joe Grant >The overblown romanticism of “van life” >Nolan’s 14 attempt …and much, much more. Delighted and pleased to have Anton on as my first guest and to you for lending me your ear(s).  Long’s Peak Triathlon: Grand Traverse with Kilian: 15 Hours with Anton: ______ In Gratitude, Billy Yang

Source: Billy Yang Podcast: Anton Krupicka | BYP 001

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