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mtb ride in Upper Park in the triple digits…the views and Big Chico creek make it an enjoyable ride… 🙂

Upper Park Trails

For Bidwell Park trail conditions go to the City of Chico website 


The North Rim Trail: The North Rim Trail starts at the the Easter Cross (parking area B) off the Upper Park Road. Set along the rocky northern bluffs of the Upper Bidwell Park, the trail itself lacks soil and is also rocky.

The North Rim Trail intersects with the following main trails:

  • The Middle Trail near the Easter Cross
  • The Blue Oak trail northwest of Horseshoe Lake
  • The Maidu trail northeast of Horseshoe Lake
  • The Live Oak Trail north of the Diversion Dam
  • The B Trail northwest of Brown’s Hole

There are also a number of minor, unnamed trails that it intersects with during its ascent into Upper Park.

The Upper Trail: Northeast of Horseshoe Lake is where the Upper Trail starts. It begins as an upper fork off of the Middle Trail and eventually runs into the Upper Park Road at Diversion Dam.

The Middle Trail: The Middle Trail begins near the intersection of Wildwood Avenue and Upper Park Road (at parking area A). From the Easter Cross to the B Trail (where it ends), it runs parallel to the North Rim Trail.

The Lower Trail: Lower Trail begins on the eastern side of parking area E (located at Horseshoe Lake). It spills onto Upper Park Road between Day Camp and Bear Hole.

The B Trail: The B Trail was constructed by a mountain biking enthusiast and has a number of switch backs. It can be accessed from near the eastern end of North Rim Trail, or from Upper Park Road west of Brown’s Hole.

The Yahi Trail: The Yahi Trail was constructed in 1967 by the Yahi Group of the Sierra Club. It begins just east of Horseshoe Lake (parking area E), off of Upper Park Road, and finishes when it runs into Parking Area U (at the end of Upper Park Road). A thick canopy of creek side trees provides ample shade for much of Yahi Trail. It also passes atop a steep basalt canyon rim that drops 100 feet to the creek. In addition to the swimming hole parking lots, access to all of the swimming holes can be made via Yahi Trail.

The Pine Trail: The Pine Trail is located directly across from Santos Ranch Road on Highway 32. The trail winds downhill until it intersects with the Guardian Trail.

10 Mile House Road: 10 Mile House Road is easily accessed from Highway 32, between Santos Ranch Road and La Castana Drive. Many park visitors refer to the entrance of 10 Mile House Road (which is actually a service road) as “Green Gate” due to the fact that there is a green gate in place to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering. The road can be used to access Guardians Trail, Annie Bidwell Trail, and Big Chico Creek. The road meanders downhill, then eastbound along Big Chico Creek until it runs into a gate at the park’s northeastern-most boundary.

The Wildwood Trail: The Wildwood Trail runs along the Sycamore Channel, between Wildwood Avenue and the north side of the Five-Mile Recreation Area. The trail meanders through a woodland full of Live Oak and Foothill Pine trees. There are a number of unnamed, minor trails in the vicinity of the Wildwood Trail as well.

The Bloody Pin Trail: The Bloody Pin Trail can be accessed from the Guardian Trail (west of its intersection with the Humboldt Trail) or from the Annie Bidwell Trail.

The Guardian Trail: The Guardian Trail can be accessed from 10 Mile House Road, the Pine Trail, or the Humboldt Trail. It runs east to west along the base of the cliffs south of Big Chico Creek. It ends west of the Disc Golf Course.

The Annie Bidwell Trail: The Annie Bidwell Trail (ABT) formerly called the South Rim Trail, runs west to east. It can be accessed at the west end at the intersection of Centennial and Chico Canyon Road, and on the east end off of 10 Mile House Road. It is approximately 4.6 miles in length.


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