my name is John Heywood…I am “flyinghorsedesign.com” 🙂 but now have moved the photography to https://heywood.photography/



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self taught outdoor photographer… grew up in Minnesota moved to Paradise CA to retire, but in November 8, 2018 the retirement dream was set on fire by the Camp Fire in Paradise CA on my wife’s birthday…we were some of the lucky ones who escaped with our lives and our animals…many didn’t. We lost our home, motorhome and a car… 20+ years of photography archives to the fire

so basically starting over…it’s been really tough coming back but I love photography and sharing it with you. I am the photographer / website admin / designer / animal lover… fhd      is very social / web / i deleted my facebook and instagram accounts #stophateforprofit / twitter / tumbler / linkedin / flipboard 

love to run / bike / hike / travel please let us know if you like us 🙂 maybe even give us a Facebook page LIKE  Thank you!  fhd