Sierra Wild Flowers – Lake Tahoe

Wildflowers along the trail are always a welcome sight…when hiking Lake Tahoe trails

Tahoe Rim Trail

Tahoe Rim Trail…amazing hiking

The Tahoe Rim Trail is a 165-mile long-distance hiking trail that forms a loop around the Lake Tahoe Basin in the Sierra Nevada and Carson ranges of California and Nevada in the United States.


Wildflowers Tahoe

When hiking around the Lake Tahoe area you are rewarded with a burst of color in the form of wildflowers…they are everywhere.

Lake Tahoe Blue

“A noble sheet of blue water,” Mark Twain wrote of Lake Tahoe in 1871, “As it lay there with the shadows of the mountains brilliantly photographed upon its still surface, I thought it must surely be the fairest picture the whole earth affords.”

Zephyr Beach Cove – Lake Tahoe

Zephyr Cove Resort Beach is a popular location for weddings and receptions. Common trees found surrounding the shoreline include Jeffry Pine, Lodgepole Pine, White Fir and Quaking Aspen. Recreation opportunities nearby include the M.S. Dixie Mississippi-style sternwheeler cruises to Emerald Bay and horseback riding across the street at Zephyr Cove Stables.   Zephyr Cove Resort Beach is managed by a permittee, Aramark under a US Forest Service special use permit.  This is a full-service resort complex with restaurant, snack-shacks, and souvenir shops.

Radar – Tahoe

Radar was enjoying the “view” and the blue water of Lake Tahoe


Desolation Wilderness – Tahoe

The Desolation Wilderness is a 63,960-acre federally protected wilderness area in the Eldorado National Forest and Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, in El Dorado County, California.

Emerald Bay – Tahoe

Skunk Harbor

This stretch of the Tahoe coast is a mile from the nearest highway. A hike or bike ride down an old fire road will take you to one main cove and several smaller coves. Though the area is popular as an anchorage for boats, weekdays can offer solitude. If other beachgoers are present, large boulders and small stretches of sand allow for some privacy.

Secret Harbor

Best known as Lake Tahoe’s premier nude beach, Secret Harbor is a stunningly beautiful East Shore cove. In the midst of summer, it’s tricky to get some alone time here. But on weekdays and early mornings, one can get lucky. A nice trail runs along the slope above the cove and connects several beaches. If Secret Harbor is too crowded, try Whale Beach just down the way.

Hidden Beach

Even right in the middle of the lake’s largest town, there are quiet spots along the shore. Tucked near the mouth of the Upper Truckee River, Hidden Beach is a long sandy stretch that’s great for kids who want to play in the shallows or for adults looking for a quiet lakeside walk. Parking can be difficult, but that’s one of the reasons few visitors make it down this far. The birding is great, too.

Chimney Beach

Another East Shore gem, Chimney Beach is beautiful, night and day. Tucked behind a steep slope, the beach is a great spot to watch the stars from. In the day, each side of the south-facing cove are rocky stretches of shore. A few large flat boulders make perfect picnic or sunning platforms. As with hidden beach, trails through the woods will lead to many peaceful and lonely bights in the shoreline.

Eagle Point

Likely the quietest area of Lake Tahoe, the southwest shore is nearly deserted more days than not. Though many travel to Emerald Bay in boats, few walk down to the beaches of the bay’s south side. With Eagle Point Campground closed, the area is especially empty. From Highway 89, a steep trail will lead to the water’s edge. Or when the lake’s level is low, you can walk from Baldwin Beach to Eagle Point. Kayaking or paddleboarding from the South Shore is another great option.

Above Lake Tahoe

The Sierra Nevada and Carson range rise thousands of feet above the shores, framing the blue lake with a chain of deep green forest and jagged granite peaks.

Fannette Island – Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

Fannette is the only island to be found in all of Lake Tahoe. … The tea house has been vandalized in recent years and today only the stone shell …

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