Blacklock Point Trail – Oregon

Blacklock Point Trail – Oregon This undeveloped state park, just north of Port Orford on the south coast, has an inspiring view of Oregon’s oldest lighthouse from its rocky headland. But it’s the scene a short way to the north that is the real stunner: a long line of 80- to 100-foot sandstone cliffs that …

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Cape Arago cove – Oregon

Cape Arago cove – Oregon The southernmost stop in the sequence of outstanding state parks on the Cape Arago Highway south of Coos Bay, Cape Arago State Park is an ideal place to catch your breath after a busy day of exploration. From the rocky observation point constructed atop the headland’s highest point, the views …

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Gwennie & Radar in Oregon

Gwennie & Radar in Oregon Trail Buddies Gwennie (@Gwennie.Merle.Girl) Radar (@RadarACD) “Radar_BlindcattleDog” on Instagram check thes puppies out on Facebook…they go everywhere we do 🙂

Bandon Beach – Dog Friendly – Oregon

Bandon Beach – Dog Friendly – Oregon Beautiful beach for your dog and you to enjoy…sea stacks, sealife, tidepools here’s a shot a Radar (Blind Cattledog) enjoying the views 🙂 and packing his own duty

Bandon Beach – Oregon

Bandon Beach – Oregon Beaches are among Bandon’s most popular destinations. All Oregon beaches are public. And, you can find multiple access points right in Bandon. Each season, the weather and tides reshape the sandy landscape. Migratory birds and marine mammals make their annual stopover: sea stacks, tide pools, sand and water are home to …

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Cape Arago rugged coastline – Oregon

Cape Arago rugged coastline – Oregon The Cape Arago Beach Loop explores 3 state parks, the largest haul-out of seals and sea lions on the Oregon Coast as well as breathtaking vantage points. The drive itself does not take long, but save some time to soak in the natural beauty. Lot’s of beautiful trails, and beach area’s …

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Steller Sea Lions and Hump Back Whales – Oregon

Steller Sea Lions and Hump Back Whales – Oregon Steller, or Northern, sea lions are sometimes confused with California sea lions but are much larger and lighter in color. Males may grow to 11 feet in length and weigh almost 2,500 pounds. Females are much smaller, growing to 9 feet in length and weighing up …

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Hump Back Whale – Oregon coast

Hump Back Whale – Oregon coast Humpback whales migrate up to 16,000 miles each year and feed mainly in the summer in polar waters and migrate to tropical waters to breed and give birth in the winter. During the winter, humpbacks fast and live off their fat reserves; their diet consists of krill and small …

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Steller Sea Lions – Oregon coast

Steller Sea Lions – Oregon coast The Steller sea lion also known as the northern sea lion and Steller’s sea lion, is a near threatened species of sea lions in the northern Pacific. It is the sole member of the genus Eumetopias and the largest of the eared seals

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