Horse Tail Fall – Yosemite National Park   Horsetail Fall, located in Yosemite National Park in California, is a seasonal waterfall that flows in the winter and early spring. The fall occurs on the east side of El Capitan. If Horsetail Fall is flowing in February and the weather conditions are just right, the setting sun illuminates the waterfall, making it glow orange and red. This natural phenomenon is often referred to as the “Firefall”, a name that pays homage to the manmade Firefall that…Continue Reading “Horse Tail Fall – Yosemite National Park”

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a ride along Paradise Lake – Spring 2018   an amazing northern California destination no dogs no swimming no motorboats pristine aqua blue waters kayaking biking hiking  fishing getoutside

Kayaking on Paradise Lake Paradise Lake is one of two reservoirs which stores water for Paradise, CA. It is a source of public water supply; therefore, it is strictly regulated. It covers an area of 244 acres and is surrounded by beautiful wooded land and has a shoreline of 7.5 miles. Its’ function is to store raw water for our community of Paradise. It holds approximately 11,500 acre feet of water. It is our only reservoir that allows fishing and recreation. Magalia Reservoir is located…Continue Reading “Kayaking on Paradise Lake”

North Table Mountain – Wild flower bloom The spring rains have really helped this wild flower season be one of the best, be sure to check it out before it’s over. Also the waterfalls are amazing right now. You will now need an inexpensive land pass now to gain access.

North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve – hike spring 2018 Created by ancient lava (basalt) flows, the approximately 3,300 acre North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve is an elevated basalt mesa with beautiful vistas of spring wildflowers, waterfalls, lava outcrops, and a rare type of vernal pool, called Northern Basalt Flow Vernal Pools. Typically fissures in the basalt soak up winter rains, forming seasonal streams and waterfalls. In a few places, however, the underlying basalt is impermeable to water forming a temporary pool. Soon to dry up…Continue Reading “North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve – hike spring 2018”

green trees attended my first hike with Chico Hiking Association…I was amazed at the magical mystery tour I had embarked on with our leader Suzanne …there will be many more…get-outside….you will be amazed