Snowdrops in Paradise

Snowdrops in Paradise spring is coming 🙂 The lovely snowdrop is one of the first flowers to appear in the spring as it works its way through the snow to bloom. These tiny flowers grow 3- to 4-inches tall and make an excellent ground…

close to Paradise

close to Paradise fall can be out of this world sometimes during a california fall / winter perfect weather, air and things to do #getoutside #photography #flyinghorsdesign

horse magic

horse magic 2 strangers bonding extremly well in their home in northern california

nocal fall 2017

nocal fall 2017 had a beautiful hike today on Table Mountain trails

a girl and her horse

a girl and her horse few things in life are as simple and satisfying…such as a good horse

just down the road from Paradise

just down the road from Paradise Ranch country is still alive and well throughout much of Northern California…and much of it is a beautiful place to see sights like this one.

deserted cabin at sunset

deserted cabin at sunset Came upon this deserted cabin very close to Table Mountain in an olive grove…the good old days.

Fall in Northern CA

Fall in Northern CA Created by ancient lava (basalt) flows, the approximately 3,300 acre North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve is an elevated basalt mesa with beautiful vistas of spring wildflowers, waterfalls, lava outcrops, and a rare type of vernal pool, called Northern Basalt Flow…

Shasta – quarter horse

Shasta – quarter horse we love taking pictures of horses…the bond between human and animal is always hard to describe  

run for your life

run for your life it’s now a scientific fact that running is good for you! “run for your life” … always “neverstop”

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